Sexual Injustice

So, i feel as if i've done injustice to this here blog - have been ignoring you lately blog, i'm sorry.

So whats todays post about? Well just as the title implies, sexuality. What constructs our sexuality? Society, Experience, Genetics, or a combination of the three? An exploration of each can help us narrow this down... i think. Well here it is.

Societal Influences - rather apparent and self explanitory, most when living in such a hetero-normative society are influenced by it. Ridiculing the "outsiders" witch are in this case the G/L/B/T. What if however, one is constantly shunned away from this norm of being a heterosexual. Even if by definition he is included - what if he is rejected in societies eyes, witch is constantly pushing him to the others. However the others is exactly what he tries to get away from, for he knows he's not. What can we conclude his sexuality to be? Obviously society shapes us in many ways, at what point do we simply accept that we don't belong to the norm - if so, do we automaticaly become the alternative, or do we languish between the binary?

Experience - Do our experiences define what we are, in terms of sexuality? Well I suppose we can apply the situation to another question to possibly get an answer. Someone is constantly exposed to violence throughout there childhood, everything they see is violence, Gang Fights, Domestic Violence to the one they call "mother", even the poliece are violent. What could beocme of such a person. According to absolutely nothing outisde of my logic, I would infer that that person would either become a violent person himself or a pascifist... becuase he' can see through the disguize violence puts on, and understands how truely arbetrary it is. Does sexuality work the same way? If someone is put through fucking hell in every heterosexual relationship he has, does that constitute a change of sexuality?

Genetics - Modern science has suggested what is commonly reffered to as a "Gay gene". Apparently there is a certain amount of grey matter in your brain witch determines your sexuality. Suggesting that before you are boarn your sexuality is predtermined. Another theory indicates that perhaps sexuality is determined when you are in the womb and certain conditions witch you are exposed to can shape your development and control your sexuality.

Personaly, I don't understand how sexuality works. I don't understand why my sexuality is called into question all so often.
I dont understand - and i'f that makes me stupid then so be it.

Shikhar Singh

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note: these are pure thoughts, didn't edit thise once yet - exausted and i dont care to look over it. disagree? comment.


happy 2 month aniversary blog.

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