The Filthy Roots of Ignorance

Ever wonder if society wants us to be ignorant? To constantly rot our minds with TV and whore ourselves out on myspace as if it were necessary for servival. It seems as if societies attitude has turned most of us the color of misty's eye shaddow... blue.

Think about it, when someone sees you reading a book, or otherwise conducting yourself in a progressive, educational fashon, the first response is allmost allways "What are you doing?". What fails to be aknowledged is that its not what you are doing its rather, a lack of what they are doing. Is it not? Sure its something, but its an act with no pourpose or otherwise gain. It realy hurts to be looked upon as a freak, or a "geek" or an "idiot" for doing something the average person wouldn't do, or dosn't do. So what we must do, is question what makes it out of the ordinary, extraordinary.

I. Reading
Why is reading viewed upon as such a chore, as a burden, as an exausting act. This is not to say that i'm not guilty, often I see reading as something i'm not mentaly prepared to do, but why is it that for so many, its just not an option. Why is it that summer reading has become a race to sparknotes, cliffnotes, pink monkey or whatever? Beucase people have become desensitized to reading, people have become, grown further and further away from reading. There is a median, a fog, a haze that disallows man to see why we read, or for that matter why any medium of conversation exists to this date. Conversation, and discourse have been preserved mainly becuase man needs communication, man needs to be able to express abstract thoughts in terms of tangible discourse witch, although will inevitabley lose some detail, through the effective use of comunication, we can decrease this loss. So can it be possible that reading is simply "out of style" that it is growing obsolete and the new age methods of communication are TV and speech? If so, exclude me out. I cant speak for all, but this is why I read: Reading is my way to understand others, others far away, others i've never met... without being trapped in a timeframe. Its my way of escaping from everything... yet solving it all. Its my way of learning outside of curriculum. That is why I read. For the knowledge of others.

II. Speech
Speech is often syphoned by the majority of society - using big words, or rather "Big" words in every day speech constitutes that you are better than someone, that you are perhaps more educated and are trying to showcase that.. trying establish your domination over others...but as someone who uses "big" words in every day speech my motives are quite the contrary. Language is a powrful tool to express yourself, to transcend your emotions past your mind and into anothers. I have found that good, or rather descriptive language is key to doing so. Also, its you that constitutes them as "big" words, why not out of the ordinary?

Whatever guys, call me what you want - Nerd / Dumbass / Smartass / Overachiever whatever you want. Just know that my actions aren't to please others- when I spend time on an essay, its not simply to get an A on it. Knowledge is important, Learning is important. I could care less if you disagree.


"Deterioration of education take backseat to world domination thats why we hustle in the back street know when to pack heat just to eat no exaduration" - Rico Pabon

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