Lose yourself.. debate style =P

So here's what I was trying to flow on the way to UIL =P

Lose yourself, Debate edition =P

Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?


His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy.
There’s blood on the flows already, oh its graty
He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready
To spread fast, but he keeps on forgetting
What he wrote down the judges ask for a road map now
He opens his mouth but the words wont come out
He’s choking, how the other teams’ hopen now
Prep times run out, times up over, BLOAh!
Snap back to reality, oh there goes 1NC
Oh there goes 2NC, he choked.
Hes so mad, but he wont give up that
Is he knows
He wont have it he knows his whole back circuits ropes
It don’t matter he’s on dope
He knows that, but he’s slow
He’s so mad that he knows
When he goes back to his school table that’s when its
Back to debate lab again yo
This whole debate shit
He better go capture this moment and hope it don’t pass him

You better lose yourself in the speeches, the moments
You own them, you better never drop the arg
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to flow

This opertunity comes once in a lifetime yo.

Okay, so lets take a step in the opposite direction of my recent posts, no philosophy this time guys... not even in rounds, atleast not at UIL anyways.

So lets talk about Eisenhower first, since we do tend to progress chronologically.
Singh/Mistry went 3-0 in prelims
We "downed" to dules' number 6 team in Ocs. (apparently 'F' sounds bad)
-We did better than we expected to do considering that Raj had gotten braces the day before, but its kind of a bummer to know that you could be double qualled as of now (not to mention that Raj would have qualled at his first CX and LD tournaments :D )
--Congradulations on the quall though Michelle / Andi see you at state!
-FX was a bummer, I got 3rd in semis *tear*
---ofcourse this just added to our "3rd" place ballot pile xD

SOMEHOW *wink wink mr. J* Hightower pulled 1st place sweeps out of nowhere.

Ha Nguyen - 1st place impromptu, 4th DX, 1st LD
Asif Ansari- 5th DX, CX quarterfinalist
Singh/Mistry- CX Octafinalist
Span - FX finalist

A lot of you guys broke, tagged... but not speifically mentioned - if you want it then just ask.


Considering we weren't originally on the UIL team, we did pretty damn good.

We went 3-0 day one, and beat Dulles 'b' in qrtrs only to concede to Asif/Nick so that they could go to state. Honestly, I don't know what happened in that round vs. dulles 'A' - I get the feeling that if i had taken it more seriously, we had a shot. And at this point, I just feel terrible farrukh.

I'm incredibly sorry for letting you down man.

Here are the results.

Asift Ansari - Top speaker
Ansari/Brown - 2nd place CX! **GOING TO STATE!**
Milan Raj - 3rd speaker
Raj/Hemani - 1st place CX! **GOING TO STATE!**
Singh/Virani - 4th place CX! - Second Alternate.

Good job guys, Hightower takes 1st place overall after 7 fucking years =D

1.) Kevin bites thighs
2.) I can never look at the travis coach the same way again
3.) Raj can't talk.
4.) Asif owes me dinner
5.) Raj better be a damn good partner next year.

theres probibly more, but i'm fucking tired.



The quest of universality began with communication. The first task, was developing universal meaning. This simply meant recognizing that "ug" would mean "LOOK! There's a dinosaur behind you!" in every instance of its use. May I add that although we havn't reached this goal yet, our "friends" in the white house are working very hard to impose... i mean transcend... our beliefs on foreign nations. (Thank you Mr. Bush for your policies of Imperialism.) This quest for the universality at its most primal level gave birth to a new ambition. The crusade for universal applicability which yealded aphorisms. This, not unlike the middle century crusades, shaped society without actually being too successful. This thought ushers in the thought of the day; Are the aphorisms we use to justify our daily being truly universal? --with a cool tongue, I must respond in negation.

Take for example the aphorism "Kill 2 birds with one stone". As an alien to our culture, seeing children use such violent discourse, would lead one to propose that our society is indeed inherently violent. This discussion however stands on a later date. This aphorism of killing 2 birds with one stone speaks utility. Simply saying that it would be beneficial to accomplish two things with the same action, but is this truly universal? Is it applicable in EVERY instance of life?
I for one will argue not, for in some instances of life, utility isn't the only factor to be observed.

There are countless examples which can be used in negation, but I won't waste your time with that. This question also ushers in the question of why men (and womyn) look to Maxims and Aphorisms for solutions in life? Why is it that we believe that these phrases that have proven themselves to not be universal hold such importance in today's society? I for one conjecture that it is the last sliver of philosophical thought that remains valued in our society.

The era of philosophical thought has ended, our existence is no longer appreciated by the masses. Though scarce, the flame that burned so passionately in the hearts of Nietzsche and Socrates contenues to thrive in the hearts of those who no longer look to the skies for direction.


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