Comments and Complaints

English is hard - I'm bad at symbolism, I'm bad at understanding "why" (or even worse, why for the why for why of why)

School days are long- especialy after lunch... There's a mathematical formula to perceptional time after lunch... [ L=1/c (t) ] where L is the the time after lunch, C is the number of chockolate milks you drank and T is the amount of time you have left normaly.

There's nothing harder than finding shoes- except ofcourse, finding and purchasing them.

Rain is sweet - see explanation below

Driving school is a waste of time - My teacher spells license with an "o" (don't ask)

For life to be valued, it must be human - erm, or atleast thats what society preaches us, why is it that we can walk away from an animal on the road, after it has been mowed over like common grass... yet moap when someone dies naturaly?

The stench of death is what makes us uncomfortable - not the sight of it... ever wondered waht it is about sensing the stench of a decomposing corpse that makes us uncomfortable, is it the sheer smell? or is it death itself?

People are mean - aren't they?

Thoughts on Janmashtami Celebration / Garba - This is for all you people who have stopped and wondered why the hell you go to janmashtami / garba celebrations every year. Dont. Its pointless, no i'm not sacreligious - the concept behind it is pretty sweet, but going to socialize is a big no no. Lets just think about what happens, you see these people that you havn't seen in a fucking year, you talk to them about how you've been in the past year, they lie to you... tell you they miss you and they want to keep in touch. Then the night is over, and they never even attempt to talk to you more than once, they forget about you... the next year when you see them, its the same damn conversation. Blast that conversation to hell... back where it came from

TaliBBQ- hehe, I'm horrible i know. I ended up going to a place called "BBQ Tonight" an indo-pak restaurant (yes its scaled as per the sign), for some guys graduation party (dad's friends) Allthough the food wasn't extravagant, the experience i shall allways remember - something about seperating men, from women, from children just dosn't settle in my stomach, ironicly - neither does the food. And yes, to rip on you islamic readers, its the TaliBBQ =)

Authority angers me - Authority allways constructs itself as a higher power, as someone greater then you - in some variable, this can be height, stature, economic position, or even in its work. Its constructed heirchialy, mutilated, formulated to make the controlled feel lesser. It works to tell you things, at a 100 miles per hour without stopping to ask if you understood one, or rather, cared to understand one. It constructs itself as such that it is angry when something dosn't get done correctly, as per its standard. So it works incessantly to point out flaws in the work you have done, it cites directions it gave you in the past, without realizing that the directions contradicted themselves... this inherant contradiction is exactly what authority is. Crap.

Its getting late - and i have things to do, better things, well... atleast more important things.

Thanks for the time...


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