Natural Observations

You're sitting inside... alone, when in the corner of your eye you see the rain pouring down outside. You look up; the sky is grey, almost angry at the world. You open the door to feel the wind. It feels cool; it feels like childhood, like happiness, so you move closer to the door. As you sit down again you feel tempted, almost as if the wind you let in is calling to you, asking you, begging you to come outside. It’s begging you to come outside and open your arms to feel its cold face against your chest, calling for you to embrace it.... so you do.

You walk outside, and the sky suddenly doesn’t seem so grey. The wind wraps you and you feel warm, you feel like you did before you were born, you feel safe yet at the same time vulnerable. The wind has wrapped you as it said it would, its howling creates awe, a sort of ambience. You begin to notice other sounds, the beats of raindrops on your neighbor’s roof, the fluid awe created with puddles growing with every drop. Now the rain is calling you, you kiss the wind goodbye as you are now infatuated by the rain.

R A I N continues to submerge yourself in its cool aura. It acts like the wind and wraps you tight, but at the same time you feel free. It’s different though, it feels wet it calms you, and every drop takes you further away from reality. You feel the grass with your feet... it tempts you as the wind had done before. You make sure no ones looking, but pretend to trip anyways as you fall to the ground it’s the best trip of your life. The grass is like linen against your skin, soft to the touch. You turn over so your lying face up looking at what once was the angry sky, its size makes you feel small, and though its the center of your focus, in your peripheral vision you see color as you have never seen it before...

The vibrant color attracts your eyes... it bursts, it looks energized almost replenished by the heavenly waters. You let your eyes relax they follow the color, Bright red of the flower, The rich green of the stem... and the deep brown of the dirt you know its soft without touching it. As you look into the deep colors you wish for you could be them, you wish you could stay as you are forever... The rain begins to slow to a drizzle. You can see the plants begin to dull and the wind calms. You turn your face away from the flowers and you look back to the sky... It looks bright and happy again, but you feel disheartened. The rain stops... you look to your left then your right, and then you wonder why again... why are you lying in a dirty puddle in your back yard?

So much can happen in a matter of minutes, observe life.


Thank you Rain.

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