So, I finaly decided to create one of these nifty little things -I've got news for everyone that's reading this, WELCOME - you have stumbled upon, perhapps the most useless blog ever, it is simply about a random kids life, and nothing more. [well maybe a little more]

Realy nothing much to do tonight, but heat up some capaccuino, sit down on the old (or should i say new) lappy top, and do some fucking research (as well as update these blog =]) Debate camp is in a week, and I must confess, The Daily show with Jon Stuart is the closest i've been to research on the new topic (about as far as pluto to give you an exact mesure) Gotta bust out some skills... erm as soon as i find them ofcourse.

So let's get started with that, and stopping with this =]

much love to you all,


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