Science and Metaphysics.

We start today's thought with a question, Why. Why are we all forced to accept things? Why is it absolutely impossible to deviate from them? Why is science seen as wholely true, and even if not seen this way - why is it argued like this?
As much as i can contest to loving Mr. Darwin's work I also feel that in a way, its blown up and reguarded as truth. Take into concideration however, what truth is? - - Without delving into this lets discuss the conclusion that is drawn from darwinism through his discourse of survival and reproduction: man is inherately selfish. Man will constantly work for his survival man will never devote himself to a cause or sacrefice himself, ofcourse not- thats unheard of. But once we accept this what is the point of even thinking of a future where this was changed? Does accepting this hinder thought? Take into concideration Marxism - a system of government based on communal thought and a communal effort, based on a conclusion that man strives for society to be better, that if we all just did our part this goal isn't so distant. If man is truely inherately selfish a distruction of capitolism would mean that there is no longer any drive for man to work, that its no longer for HIS servival persay, but now is for communal growth. What i mean to say is that Marxism has allways made the argument that all people are equal. This sparks the question : Why, why do i work? Why do I ,the Marxist Scientist, work so hard going through school for 15 years while Cleetus the unruely redneck does nothing but plant crops all day? I'm not exactly sure why, but i feel that maybe darwins asertions are only true for a capitolistic society. That maybe in a marxist society we wouldn't think like this. Maybe we wouldn't differenciate between how much work Cleetus and the scientist do. Or maybe he' is right... maybe his assertions are true in ever instance.
The basic problem i'm having is at what point does this, all of what i just wrote, all of what i've ever thought - become pointless? At what point do i just give up, and realise that my thoughts are absolutely insignificant that there is absolutely NO value in me even thinking about this.

Thats a tough cookie, maybe you guys can help me answer this...

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