The Simple Life

"Life's a bitch; you work
and work, and work
and for what?
-- to realize that what you have just ain't good
at least, not good enough."


"shut up and listen, woman
there's no time for consolation
no time for your petty lies
shit, there's barely even time for me..."


"look at me,
42, overweight, balding and
a night-shift assistant manager
at a grocery store no one has ever heard of...
I can't keep looking myself in the mirror and asking
Is this really how it was meant to be? "

"No Harry: this is not how it was supposed to be
we all have big plans
about what we wanted to do in life
about what we want to see.
about where we want to go, and
even who we wanted to be.

Fuck, you think this is where I want to be Harry?
38, a stay at home wife -
the personal assistant
of a night-shift assistant manager
of a grocery store that no one has ever heard of
who doesn't love me enough to marry me..."

"How did we end up like this, vanessa
where did all the good go?
how the fuck did we not see this one coming..."

"we were blinded harry,
by ourselves,
by our parents,
by our teachers,
and most of all,
our plans...

after all, no one plans on being miserable
not us,
not the junkies next door
not the old couple across the hall
and certainly not the millionaires in hollywood

it all starts with big plans and ambitions
but ends exactly the same.
for all of us..."

"What are you trying to say...
that a man shouldn't have dreams?
that a man should expect
to die in this world - just as he came into it
and crying his fucking lungs out?"

"maybe Harry, maybe...
maybe this wouldn't be so bad if we didn't expect
nothin out of it. Hell, maybe we'd be proud..
of managing not to kill ourselves each day"

"Fuck you, Vanessa...
maybe I don't want to live in a world
without hope
maybe that's just not good enough for me

what do you cunts know about dreams anyway?
you cook, you clean
and sometimes...
you even look good enough to fuck

You've accomplished everything
that the world expects from a woman,
i'm the failure..."

"Go to hell Harry,
I have dreams just like you do.
You ever wonder what the hell it's like for me?
at least you got a chance
to do what you want,
to be what you want to be
you fucked that up, and that's your burden to carry

I've just been stuck here with you
day in and day out
cooking, cleaning
and doing my fucking best
to be the best woman I know how to be
but that doesn't mean I don't have dreams

there's not a day I don't think about
how things coulda been different
if I went to ballet school...

but we all can't do what we dramed of doing
that's not how the world was meant to go round

what are those big 'ol dreams gettin you now, huh?
you ain't happy
you've never been happy...

All i'm sayin is maybe,
things wouldn't be so bad
if we just forgot about what we wanted
and learned to deal with what we've got"

Harries tension burst
into tears
of anger,
of sorrow,
of confusion,
and slowly rolled down his cheeks
vanessa's charcoal rimmed eyes began to leak, too

"what the fuck ever happened to the simple life?"


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