To Blossom

They say spring is the most Beautiful season
I thought so too, That is,
until you showed me
Summer was the season
our love would blossom.
I had seen you around before,
Exchanged an embarrassing
Facebook message, Or two
But it was not until the summer
Of my senior year, That I felt you.
The person
The most beautiful Event,
that ever collided
With this lost, confused soul.
But that is how the world goes round,
That’s how destiny chose
To play it’s hand
On that august night
As we sat against the wall
In what we thought then, was
The most miserable of establishments
Staring at an apartment complex
Across the road where other people danced,
And partied the night away…

We danced too,
That night in the silent dorm roomTo our
own love songOne more beautiful than
I had Ever heard or felt.
This, I experienced.
The only sound
I heard was the sound
of our Heavy breathing
As you bit my lip And I
slipped my hands around
your Beautiful plush waste.
I was lost in your big brown
Eyes, for what Felt like a century.
Time passes slowly when you are
Learning to savor every second.
We fought the good fight -- You and I
Against fate, Against distance
Through even the coldest nights,
we kept our fire burning strong
whispering secrets to each other
late into the nightwe found warmth
in each others voices
while the lovers slept
and the poets prayed.

“two days and ten hours”
That’s how far we were from each other
But for that beautiful month,
You were here with me
By my side.
In my big broken bed,
I always left you a spot next to me,
And a match
Half-hoping that you would really
Be here, when I awoke
And we could
Burn that broken bed
Under the heat of our bodies;
Spark a love,
That we both knew
We had left, in our summer skin.

Cheers, here is to you—
My brown eye’d beauty,
We will always have Paris
Or whatever you want
to call that miserable
Austin dormroom
Where I learned
What Love


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