out of winter, came spring

On this cold
spring Texas
day, I realize 
"The world is full 
of glorious

And I don't mean 
this, in the banal 
of a newborn baby
or a "second chance" at life, 
I'm talking more about:
dirty words in alphabet soup
or getting a pink slip for
"not subbordinating
to authority" 
ora winter day in a 
summer-stained week
whose frigid winds
lifts you back,
back, back. 
to a time of innocence
it's briskly touch 
re-teaches the lessons
you forgot: 
"You and I, we 
live for the struggle
the revolution is born out of
imminent resistance 
to a system that
has long-commodified
our desires
we are sustained 
by our opposite."

Ask yourself:
what is an anarchist
without the state? 
what is a rebel
without a cause? 
what is an anti-capitalist
without capitalism? 

far from it
our collectivist identity
in the political order
is formed via a strategy
of resistance 
to a given social order
or yet another faction. 

but what does this mean
for you and I? 
that we live for the struggle
that there is beauty 
in the feeling 
of overcoming 
and loving every 
minute of it

there is a kernel of truth
even within a fluid
'nuff said.  


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