Nameless, Faceless Fucks!

The world is filled
with so many people
who are true to nothing
especially themselves.

the who-whats and
when-wheres that cruise
from crisis to crisis
pointless and all,
never stopping
to smell the fresh morning
roses or look into
the mirror and create
their thousand truths
their goods
their evils
and destroy them with
every night.

Yes, we march and
march and march
to someone else's
someone else's

These people resign from
they retire, before ever
experiencing what life really
has to offer
for these people I
have no words,
for they have already given up
on themselves.
But for you,
young poet - young reader
or boxer, or lawyer
I can only give you
my blessings
for in your hands is the fate
of this filthy race
we call

Live your life fully
and each day like your
look away from
the preachers
of death,
There's beauty in the struggle.


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