write like your sanity depends on it

I absolutely love the idea of using poetry
as an outlet. like I've always said-
"it's good to get all the crazy out of your system"

without further ado,
"a frustrated tirade"

God damn I feel so fucking worthless
worthless worthless
my stomach hurts and so does my
it's all broken, fried, mishandeled, and
like that bitter whore on the corner
these moments of sheer lack
of creativity
of escape
of death
of every part of me that makes me,
make me want to die die die
I do not know who I am
I do not know who you are
or who any of these people are
for that matter
we're all just faceless, nameless
fighting with each other
for a little piece of
american pie.

shit, fuck the gold, fuck the glory
and fuck god for that matter,
I just need a stranger
a friend
a lover and
a poet
to stand here with me
and watch this city burn
like the fire that rages
inside me.


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